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Cycling Holidays in Denmark

Island of Moen - Pilgrimage Cycle Tours on the Camono - 5 days / 4 nights - 147 km

Spectacular views, historic sights, sea and remote countryside

From 765 Euro

Cycle through small quiet villages and along fields with grazing cows and unpoilt nature.

Each day's stage will take you to one or more local churches where you will be amazed by the well-preserved frescos.



Note: On this bike trip, you will stay overnight in the same accommodation.

Day 1: Damsholte. 20 km

We meet in Stege, where you are handed over the keys to your accommodation in Stege. Here you will  also get your lunch packet, your cycling map, a detailed tour description as well as other tour information.

After check-in your are now ready to begin today's cycle route to Damsholte church, which is Denmark's only village church in rococo style. On your route you will pass the sugar factory and the soil basins. Take a break and enjoy the beautiful views overlooking the coast lagoon Stege Nor.

Redeem your dining tickets at Restaurant Stigs where we have ordered dinner for you at 6 pm. Drinks are at your own expense.

Incl. in today's bike tour: packed lunch, dinner.

Day 2: Keldby Church. 19 km

After breakfast you cycle to Keldby Church. The bike ride to Keldby Church goes south of Stege Nor, through small villages overlooking the Nor. Enjoy your lunch at Museumsgarden before continuing to Keldby Church. The trip back to Stege will take you through small villages and forests.

In Stege you redeem your dining tickets at the restaurant Hoffmann. Drinks are at your own expense.

Incl. in today's bike tour: breakfast, packed lunch, museum ticket, dinner.

Day 3: Elmelunde Church, Borre Church and Magleby Church. 48 km

Enjoy your breakfast before heading out on today's bike stage, which will take you to the three churches Elmelund, Borre and Magleby Church. All three churches have well-preserved frescos, decorated by the so-called Elmelunde Master. On your route you will cycle through small idyllic villages. If you would like to extend today's the stage, we recommend visiting the geocenter at Moen's Klint and a walk down the stairs to the beach from where you have a fantastic view of the white cliffs.

This evening you will be dining at the restaurant "Det Gamle Bryghus" in Stege, table booked for 6pm. Drinks are at your own expense.

Incl. in today's bike tour: breakfast, packed lunch, dinner.

Day 4: Nyord Church. 29 km

After breakfast, you jump on your bikes to explore today's bike trip to and from Nyord, taking you along Stege rampart, through the forests Udbyskov and Ulvshaleskov and across the bridge to the island of Nyord. Climb the bird tower to explore the local bird life and take in the beautiful view of the Stege Bay. Take a break and enjoy your lunch from Camono bench at  Nyord harbor before heading back to Stege.

This evening you will be enjoying a delicious dinner from the legendary restaurant Fanefjord Skovpavilion. Drinks are at your own expense.

Incl. in today's bike tour: breakfast, packed lunch, dinner.

Day 5: Fanefjord Church and Bogo Church. 31 km

Today's stage takes you to Fanefjord church and Bogo church. Along the way, you will be cycling through small quiet villages, two forests, the dam and burial mounds.

The day's stage ends at Bogo. Return to Stege, where you will leave your bikes and pick up your luggage, before continuing your journey or heading back home.

Incl. in today's bike tour: breakfast, packed lunch.

Island of Moen - Pilgrimage tour - 5 days / 4 nights
Tour bike - adult female
Tour bike - adult male
Children's bike
Children's trailer
Delivery/pick-up of bike(s)2


Visit Moen Denmark

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All year (weather permitting)

Free choice of start day (Mon-Sun).


Modern and comfortable rooms in the heart of Stege town.


Double room, per person ...... : €    765

Single room ........................ : € 1.048

Services included:

  • Accommodation
  • Road map and tour description

Also included:

Day 1: Lunch and dinner

Day 2: Breakfast, lunch, dinner, museum ticket.

Day 3: Breakfast, lunch, dinner.

Day 4: Breakfast, lunch, dinner.

Day 5: Breakfast, lunch.

Bike and prices:

  • Tour bike w. 7 gears     (male/female) ............. : €   60
  • E-bike ........................ : €  180
  • Children's bike ............ : € 40/35
  • Tag-along (follow-me) ... : €  40
  • Helmets ...................... : €  20
  • Delivery/pickup of bikes from your B&B can be arranged at an additional cost.

Cycling holidays Denmark

Experience spectacular coastline and beautiful nature settings and quiet village life far from the city buzz.

The town of Stege offers a variety of specialty shops with local produce, cafes and restaurants - all in a romantic and relaxed atmosphere.

Moen is well known for its broad selection of small local producers. Here you will find small family-owned businesses such as breweries, apple orchards, chocolateries, cheese and ice cream shops.

The island of Moen and nearby island of Nyord have been declared the first nordic Dark Sky Park and Community.

Its remoteness from city lights provides one of the best places in the world for star gazing.


Many suggestions of places to visit and local hightlighs are included in your Tour Package.

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