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Cycling Holidays in Denmark

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Danish bike culture

Denmark is a nation of cyclists. We cycle to work, to shcool, to shop, to meet with friends, to sport clubs, etc. Cycling is simply one of our main means of  transportation.

We therefore also find it natural to cycle when on holiday - simply because it is the best way to get around. Exploring places by bike gives you freedom to stop at the many interesting sights you pass on your way.

With the many cycle lanes in Copenhagen and our many towns around the country, and along main roads connecting many towns, Denmark is easy and quite safe to explore by bike.

The highest point is just above 170 m, which makes Denmark one of the most bike friendly destinations in the world.

Come and experience it first-hand!

Information, which you might find useful on your bike holiday in Denmark: 

Danish currency

Although shops and supermarkets accept VISA, and often also Master Card and Diners Club cards, you might also want to have some cash on you.  The Danish currency is called Crowns (in

Danish: Krone, DKK).  1 Euro = ca. 7,50 DKK


It is voluntary to give tips in restaurants, cafes and bars. However, Danes often give tips when satisfied with the service rendered.


The Danish weather can be changeable. Summer is usually warm and pleasant, even very hot at times, but if the wind direcion changes, it can suddenly change over night with chilly winds and temperature drop the following day.


We recommend that you bring a few warm items such as a warm sweater, a longsleved blouse, and a pair of long trousers.

To help you pack, we have made a list of things to bring. See our page "What to bring".

Swimming at the beach or in the harbour

Sourrounded by open sea and more than 7,000 km coastline, Denmark has countless beaches, most of them being family friendly with shallow waters and sandy beds.

Copenhagen has 3 inner harbour pools - open from mid-June - end of August. They are all supervised by lifeguards. Free entrance. Cafes nearby.


Source: Danmarks Meterorologiske Institut (DMI),

Nedbør          = precipitation

Nedbørdage   = days of precipitation

Dagtemp .     = day temp.

Middeltemp.   = average temp.

Nattemp.       = night temp.

Solskinstimer = hours of sunshine

Danish money

Danish Crowns

Copenhagen harbour

Cycling as daily means of transport has been part of Danes' everyday for more than 100 years. 

Beach and cycling holidays, Denmark
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